The Questions Christians are not Asking

This page links to two articles written in early 2013 which look at the response of Christians to the increasing secularisation of once Christian societies. Many Christians seem bemused by the failure of The LORD to stop the rot in Britain and other Western nations. These articles looks at a New Testament passage which explains what He is doing today.

The original article below is over six thousand words long. Below this is a more concise version retitled "Facing the Facts". (An even shorter version of Facing the Facts appeared in The Watchman, May 2013.)

Readers should note that only the full version has links to articles and news reports quoted.

The article "Redefining Marriage – What Did Jesus Do?" was added in the week the Report Stage of the Same Sex Marriage Bill was debated in the House of Commons. This short comment considers our responses to when Jesus spoke out against the redefinition of marriage.

Eighteen months later (October 2015) many British Christians continue to hope for revival and a reversal of the spiritual decline in the nation. “In the Spirit and Power of Habakkuk” asks which of Israel's prophets speaks most directly to what God is doing in this nation today?

The Question Christians are not Asking

The full length version as a web page or printable PDF

Facing the Facts

The concise version as a web page or printable PDF

Redefining Marriage – What Did Jesus Do?

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In the Spirit and Power of Habakkuk

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