Second Index Page - a list of other sites which are or have been hosted on this domain.

Earth History Site

Most of the material on this site has been withdrawn pending a comprehensive review of all the material.
Anstey's Romance of Biblical Chronology is still available and is linked from the main index.

2nd National Conference of Creation Activists

Various papers from this event which was held 6-8 November 1998.

Creation Link North

Creation Link North was a group which met from time to time in the north of England, to encourage Christians involved in promoting a Biblical understanding of Creation, Fall and Flood.

Creation Link UK

Creation Link UK is an email list for those who seek to promote a Biblical understanding of creation in the United Kingdom. This page provides background information and subscription details.

Creation Research

The UK website of Creation Research is no longer hosted on this domain.
Please click the link above for details of their websites.

The Christian Standard

This site is no longer hosted on this domain.
Further information, including where to access some articles is available by clicking the link above.

Timperley Evangelical Trust

The TET has now been closed down.

Lebendige Vorwelt Museum

German Creation Museum: Since 2005 no longer maintains a web presence.

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