The Creator you know – what is He like?

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When Christians think of Biblical Creation it is usually in terms of what is known as 'apologetics', the aspect of theology concerned with the defence or proof of Christianity. Very often this is because those who speak on this theme see themselves as defending events recorded in the early chapters of Genesis and elsewhere against the arguments of evolutionary scientists. However, if that is all we assume Biblical Creation to be, then we are selling ourselves and others very short concerning truth.

It is in these opening chapters of the Scriptures that we find the foundations laid for all the important teachings of Christianity. Above all they introduce us to the character of God and His ways and purposes on the earth. I have written about these in many articles over the years, but have not collected them together before now.

Creation is an important aspect of the truth for Christians to think about, because we all know that the quality of someone's work tells us much about their character. This is what Paul highlighted in Romans 1, when he said that divinity and power of the Godhead was evident to everyone through His workmanship in creation.

Whilst these short essays are about the character of our Creator revealed through His work in the first 2000 years of history (i.e. before Abraham), I do not want my readers to think this is the only period recorded in the Scriptures which help us to appreciate His divine nature. Though it is often overlooked, we find truth about the Godhead in every passage of the Bible. He is revealed as the Rock, whose work is perfect and whose ways are justice; He is declared throughout to be the God of truth, without injustice, being righteous and upright (Deut. 32).

Even when complete this series can therefore only serve as an introduction to the relationship we are offered with our Creator through His redeeming grace which has been expressed in full through Jesus Christ. It is my hope that these articles will encourage your own study and prayerful meditation, and that you will discover for yourself more of what we can know about the eternal power and divine nature of our Creator in His work of creation and in preserving for us an inspired record of His dealing with mankind ever since.

Part 1: The Godhead and light

Part 2: The Creator who does not change

Part 3: A Creator without choice?

Part 4: A God of disease and death?

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