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This page provides a brief introduction to the Creation Link UK email list.
We hope it will give you a good understanding of the purpose of the list and will help you decide if you would like to subscribe to Creation Link UK.
Subscription information can be found at the bottom of the page.
List moderators: Randall Hardy & Marc Surtees


Q. What is an email list?

An email list is a way of enabling a number of people to communicate with everyone else in the group as easily as possible. It means to contact them you need only send one email to a 'central address'. The list server (a specific computer) then automatically forwards your message to everyone else who is subscribed to the list. Anyone who receives you message can reply to you - either through the list, in which case every other subscriber will also receive their reply, or directly (and privately) to your own email address.

Q. What is the purpose of the list?

1. The list is for those who seek to promote a Biblical understanding of creation in the United Kingdom and Ireland (or who have close connections with these countries).

2. The main purpose of the list is help raise the level of communication between individuals and groups who are committed to the above objective.

Q. Who is in charge of the list?

1. The list has been established by Randall Hardy (Shropshire), it is not owned or sponsored by any British or overseas creation group. As stated above, the hope is that it will encourage a higher level of communication between all who are actively involved in promoting a Biblical understanding of creation in the UK.

2. Moderators (i.e. those who will keep a fatherly eye on developments) are Randall Hardy and Marc Surtees (Edinburgh) Randall and Marc's roles will be to "subscribe" people, and to make sure postings keep within the purpose and limits of the list.

Q. Who is able to subscribe to "Creation Link UK"?

1. The list is intended for those who are invoved in promoting the Biblical account of creation amongst Christians and non-Christians in the UK and Ireland. Therefore we would expect potential subscribers to be able to provide examples of what they are doing to actively promote creation in the public arena. It is also expected that subscribers would be natives or resident of the countries concerned. Prospective subscribers from other countries will be considered on the basis of their relevance to "creation ministry" in the British Isles.

2. The list is for Christians who are committed to Biblical principles. It is however recognised that there are a variety of convictions about many aspects of the teaching found in the Old & New Testament Scriptures. Doctrinal statements are therefore not an appropriate means for assessing who can subscribe. However, those who do subscribe will be expected to be seeking, through the help of the Holy Spirit, to understand the Scriptures better and to live in accordance with what He teaches them. Promotion of attitudes contrary to the above will not be permitted through the list.

3. The list is for those Christians who are confident in the Biblical account of creation as it is taught from Genesis 1, through to Revelation 22. In brief this is that:

4. Though no date is given in the Scriptures for the creation of this universe, the genealogies suggest that this should be measured in thousands of years rather than millions. It is expected that those who subscribe to the list will have this conviction - one which is sometimes referred to as "Young Earth Creationism".

5. The list is not intended as a general enquiry point about "creation". There are a large number of web-sites and newsgroups available which provide information of varying reliability. A suggested starting place for such enquiry is the Biblical Creation Society web site. This has links to many others, including those of evolutionists and "Old Earth Creationists".

Q. What type of information/requests/discussion can be posted to the list?

First, the posting must be relevant to a Biblical understanding of creation and its promotion in the British Isles. However, this may take a variety of forms.

1. Prayer requests: For example - for up and coming events being arranged by any relevant group or individual; or for radio/TV appearances by someone to discuss creation/evolution issues (often at short notice) and any other relevant topic. [N.B. Please see note on "Privacy" below.]

2. News items: These could be to advertise future events, to make sure everyone is aware of something which is about to happen (e.g. a relevant TV programme), or to post quotations from articles/news reports/etc. which are pertinent to the main theme of the list.

3. Discussion and debate about good understanding of Biblical and scientific issues important to our mutual understanding of creation. Most important in such postings will be the desire to encourage maturity in each other's faith and knowledge - yes opinions will differ, but our love for one another must be paramount. Mutual edification is encouraged, vigorous discussion is permitted, forbearance is required, but personal attacks are unacceptable.

4. Any other form of message which falls within the scope of the list. Especially replies to previous postings!

Q. What kind of things should not be posted to the list?

There are several types of postings which are not welcome on "Creation Link UK". These include:

1. "Off topic" items in general - anything not directly related to the purpose of the list.

2. Personal responses to messages, which are of no interest to the list in general, should be sent only to the originator. Please double check this before you hit the 'Reply' icon!

3. Attachments of any size or type! If you have a document/file others may be interested in, by all means say so and invite list members to email you privately with a request that you send it to them (or place it on your web space). The list's server will not forward attachments to messages so please do not try to send them.

4. Virus warnings! We appreciate the concern of those who pass on these urgent warnings, but more often than not they are well known hoaxes. Passing them on usually reveals that the person posting them is a 'rookie' concerning email and often results in embarrassment as one is 'enlightened' by others on the list. If you do receive a virus warning (other than 'Pen Pals' or 'Join the Crew' - well known hoaxes) which you think is a genuine one, there are web sites which give details of all known viruses (e.g. - please use them!

Q. How private is the list?

1. The list of subscribers will not be published. However, when you send mail to the list, your name and email address will normally be shown on your message. Messages to the list are not archived in a public place.

2. It should be remembered by every subscriber that whilst the list is not openly public, like a 'newsgroup' for example, email is not a totally secure environment. Personal and other information which is regarded as private should not be posted to the list.

Q. What software do I need to participate in the list?

You can use any mail program and any Internet provider. However, there are a few guidelines to keep messages short.

1. Please use 'Plain Text' format. A number of email programmes (e.g. MS Outlook Express) are able to send formatted messages by using "HTML format". However this more than doubles the size of the posting and HTML messages have the potential to carry viruses which plain text ones cannot. The list's server has been set to strip HTML content out of messages and we we request that where your email client permits you to set specific addresses to "Plain Text Only" you do this for messages to Creation Link. Our subscribers' help page gives instructions for doing this in the most popular email programmes.

2. Whilst you are encouraged to include sections of any message you are replying to, please do not include it all, especially if it is a long one. The best guideline is only to include those sections you are responding to. If they need to, the majority of subscribers on the list will be able to look up the full text of the earlier posting. As a basic rule, delete as much as possible from your reply.

3. Keep an eye on the "Subject" line of the message. It is very common for discussion to progress on to new areas. If this happens, please change the comment in the subject box.

Q. How do I know my message has made it to the list?

When you send a message to the list, it is forwarded to all the list subscribers - including you! You should thus expect to receive an "echo" of your message within a hour or so. If you don't, consider sending your message again, and if the problem persists, contact the moderators.

Q. How much mail will I receive if I subscribe to the list?

This is very difficult to estimate. In part it will depend on the number of people who are currently subscribed. However, experience shows that lists like this one have busy and quiet spells. Some times you will receive nothing for several days, at other times there could be at least 10 messages each day. It will all depend on the list members and the content and quality of discussion.

Subscription Information
To participate in Creation Link UK you need to subscribe to the list.
Below are the instructions of how to subscribe.

1. Send an email to the moderators (click here for the address)  which begins, "Please subscribe me to Creation Link UK email list".

2. If you are not known in some way to either of the moderators, please introduce yourself.

This introduction should include:

It is not intended to make it difficult to subscribe to the list, but we do want to be confident that the list is serving those it is intended for. Please confirm in your message that you have read the above information and that you agree with the principles of the list.

3. Once your request has been received and processed by the moderators, you will receive a message welcoming you to the list. From then on you will be able to post to and receive messages from the list. However, please be patient - depending how busy we both are it may take 3 or 4 days before you hear from us.

4. Once you are subscribed to the list, you will be informed of the address to send your messages to.

5. If at a later date you no longer wish to remain on the list all you will need to do is visit the list's Subscribers' Administration page and follow the instructions there. There will be no need to explain why you have decided to leave, but you are free to do so if you wish.

We hope you have found this introduction to "Creation Link UK" helpful and we look forward to hearing from you.
If you have any questions please email us by clicking here.
Randall Hardy & Marc Surtees

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