Anstey's Romance of Bible Chronology

This classic work on Biblical Chronology is probably the best currently available on the subject that assumes that the Bible is historical, literal and accurate. It retains its authority in respect of its detailed and scholarly analysis of the historical dates set forth in the Bible. It provides definitive solutions for chronological controversies - like the length of the soujourn in Egypt - which continue to recur with monotonous regularity in modern creationist writings. It usefully critiques the chronologies of earlier chronologers like Scaliger and Ussher. Its main weakness for the modern reader is its outdated attempt to correlate these Biblical determined dates with archaeology as understood at the beginniong of the C20. These archaeological interpretations are now known to be incorrect. The book also espouses the discredited "Gap Theory" explanation for the geological record, but this does not affect the scripturally based chronology the book develops. (N.B. A critique of the "Gap Theory" is available in the second part of this article by Randall Hardy.)

Anstey is in 2 volumes, the first is the text, the second is the tables. The material is available in the following file formats (other previously available formats have been withdrawn as unsuitable for modern websites):

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