Creation Science - Getting the Message into Schools
Steve Layfield

Supernatural creationism (ex nihilo) is not presently respected as a credible paradigm of origins within mainstream education. It is typical for the RE staff to teach that Genesis Ch 1 is poetry and therefore needn't be interpreted literally. It is likewise typical for Science teachers in general to present big-bang cosmology, biological evolution and old earth geology as substantially established facts. In such a context the Christian who 'sticks his neck out' and ventures to suggest that the Genesis account may be actually historical and true stands to meet with a barrage of criticism & scorn. If he/she is an 'average teacher' his respect and status among the pupils may already be minimal. Among the staff his 'fundamentalist' views can be expected to arouse rather more vocal or undercurrent antagonism causing his self-esteem to take yet a further dive. It is therefore somewhat understandable that for the most part, Christians who believe the Biblical account of Genesis tend to keep their views private. Is this the right (& therefore the spiritual) response? Can God be pleased with such a situation?

It is this author's sorry testimony that this situation persisted in his own teaching experience as long as it did. However, over recent years and with support and encouragement from sympathetic Christians some turn around and measurable progress and development has occurred.

Just What Can Be Done?

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