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The Hardy family is extremely glad that over the years we have been led into Christian Education. With our older children this was through involvement with a Christian School. However, through this The LORD prepared us for the task of teaching our own children in the context of our home, family and friends.

Information on these pages is not extensive, but our contribution to a wealth of material to be found on the Internet. From time to time we expect that more pages will be added.

Foundation Project

An outline of work we covered in a 12 month period with children aged 4 to 5. Our objective was to look at familar things in the children's lives and experience and relate them back to The LORD.

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It's Not Always That Easy

Mary's hand-outs for a seminar for mums at 2 Home Service day conferences in October 2003. Starts with the need to think accurately about God, ourselves and our task. Also considers why bringing up your children with a God centred world view is always going to have difficulties. Includes sheet of relevant quotations.

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Christian Home Education - Getting Started

One mother's expression of what she has found to be important when starting off along the Christian Home Education road. In our family it is Mary who has carried the majority of day by day responsibility to be practically involved with the children's education. This introduction was written in response to two families we know deciding that they too wanted to begin a similar journey.

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Ten Tips For Survival

A hand out which accompanied a talk given by Mary to mums on the theme of keeping going day after day. The seminar was part of the Manchester Christian Home Educators Conference, 25th. March 2000.

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What is Christian Education?

A contribution by Randall to a discussion on what Christian Education really is. This is relevant to much more than home education and even suggests how to recognise the difference between the Christian and secular view of maths.

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The Mother's Heart First

These are Mary's notes for a talk she gave in 2001 which covered three topics: The mother´s heart first; Teaching several ages at once; Character building. She offers no clever answers, no instant solutions, just encouragement to persevere, to pray, to be loyal to your initial conviction, and to keep going!

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Finding the Right Balance

Encouraging children to do things they don't enjoy is one of the responsibilities of parenthood. In these notes from a talk given in 2003, Mary shares her thoughts on developing self-discipline in a child's character and the value of an ordered approach to study.

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A Great Gulf Fixed?

Christian And Humanist Values In Children's Books by Ngaio Malcolm. We first came across this article as a photocopy of a paper published by Christians in Education. It is a thought-provoking appraisal of developments in children's literature over recent decades. The paper we first read was in fact an edited version of an article published in 1989, by the Librarians’ Christian Fellowship. We have obtained their permission to reproduce the original article for use on this web site. Two other articles by the same author are listed on this page.

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No Nationalisation of Our Kids

2009 saw significant changes in the home education situation in England. In January Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, commissioned Graham Badman to carry out a review into home education in England. When Badman published his report he recommended what was essentially an annual licensing scheme for home educating parents, with mandatory home visits from local authority staff who would have the right to interview children with no other adult present. This motivated home educating families from the country, including ourselves, to campaign against the proposals. To our surprise we received a lot of interest from the media. Details of newspaper articles, radio interviews and much more is now archived on a separate blog.

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Making the Right Impression

This book features 21 ordinary Christians families explaining why they choose to home educate their children, how they have gone about it, and how much it has been of benefit to them as families. It is published by Home Service, a support organisation for for home educators and can be purchased from them via their web site.

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